Leaf Memory


I wanted to explore the idea and form of the leaf skeleton. Something so fragile and organic, which has lived through four seasons and taken on several forms and colours. Reflecting the events that have occurred in our lives while this quiet process has played out. One which culminates in the delicate leaf skeleton, a memory of the year, and if treated carefully this skeleton can endure for years to come.


To interpret this in glass and metal, such hard materials in comparison, with unyielding qualities, being so opposite to the leaf itself. Yet the reflective quality of the glass in different lights throws back an image of the world around the leaf, evocative of events it may have lived through. With the solder lines of the skeleton coming to the fore, and the varying shadows of these lines on the back-board of the work hinting at the ‘memory’ of the living leaf.


I think of the leaf skeleton as representing the memories or experiences a person may build up through their life; a strong linear form, yet highly reflective.